The Meaningful Life with Andrew G. Marshall

Dr Susan Schwartz: Daughters and Fathers: the Impact of the First Man in Your Life

July 4, 2022

Women often spend many hours considering their relationship with their mothers; but far less attention goes to the impact of fathers.

For some, the reason for this is that their mothers were there, making wrong and right decisions (which they remember in the starkest possible light) whilst their fathers were absent.

Jungian psychotherapist Dr Susan Schwartz has spent many hours guiding her women clients in thinking about how they were shaped by physically or emotionally absent fathers. 

These daughters relate feeling an insecurity of self, a splintering and disintegration of their personality and a silencing of their voice.

In this episode Andrew and Susan explore the different ways we are shaped by our fathers, how this comes up in therapy and the ways in which we can start to fill the holes left by absent fathers. 

Susan and Andrew also analyse a recent dream of Andrew’s in which themes of family legacies and therapeutic work are drawn out.

Dr Susan Schwartz is a Jungian analyst who trained in Switzerland and lives in the USA. She teaches in numerous Jungian programs, workshops, and lectures in the USA and worldwide. She is also a clinical psychologist and member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology. 


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