The Meaningful Life with Andrew G. Marshall

Ep13. Ten Things I Learnt in 2020

January 4, 2021

2020 wasn’t the easiest year to feel in control of our lives: a lot of us experienced loss, loneliness, and illness. Yet through my podcast, I feel like I learnt a lot about changing your life in a meaningful way. My guests shared wisdom on so many different aspects of life - sex, love, masculinity, gender, disability, companionship, spirituality, therapy, cynicism, to name just a few - and I feel lucky to have come out of 2020 quite a bit wiser and more at peace, thanks to them. So here are my reflections on the ten most important things I learnt from The Meaningful Life

If you’re new to the podcast, this should make a great leaping in point, as I talk through what I learnt from each of my 2020 guests. 

Thank you to you all for listening, to the guests I’ve been so lucky to have on the show, and to my gifted and enthusiastic producer, Michael Dooney. 

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